Tyra’s Story

When Tyra Wright-Johnson‘s romantic relationship went from emotionally difficult to physically violent, she realized she had become the victim of domestic violence. Rather than endanger her daughters, Tyra found the help she needed to move herself and her girls to safety and acquired the skills to rebuild their lives.
To help fund her college education, Tyra won a Women’s Opportunity Award from Soroptimist, International, an organization that works to improve the lives of women and girls throughout the world. Tyra felt a connection with the members and mission of Soroptimist. After completing her education, Tyra adapted the Soroptimist model of support to fit a well-defined, local community. The Women’s Solo Project became a domestic violence advocacy and resource center serving women like Tyra throughout the Philadelphia area. Working with shelters, TWSP brings education, training, and other support to hundreds of at-risk women who are taking the same daring steps toward recovery and prosperity.
I work to help other women who are going through what I went through.—Tyra Wright-Johnson, Founder, TWSP

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