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Non-profit domestic violence help in Philadelphia, PA

Helping women thrive
Want to join our team?

This year we will have 5 open positions to fill on our board. While we are open to all candidates, this year we are hoping to fill these positions with people who have familiarity with domestic violence advocacy and prevention principles.

Other characteristics that we would strongly consider are:

  • Organizational development background
  • Experience in a non-profit organization
  • A community leader involved within the domestic violence community
  • Accounting/non-profit finance background
  • An attorney with corporate governance, employment experience

We continue to be committed to creating a diverse board.

The Board of Directors is a working board that establishes the policies and helps implement the programs and activities of the organization.

Open positions:



Marketing/Public Relations

Grant Writer/Researcher

Social Media Coordinator

Board Expectations:

  • Attend 9 out of 12 monthly board meetings
  • Participate in an annual planning meeting
  • Participate in and/or lead at least one committee
  • Support the organization through attendance at events
  • Support TWSP fundraising efforts at some level

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